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South Sudan confirms delay to oil exports

by on November 21, 2012 10:08 am BST
The landlocked, newly-independent state shut down its oil output of roughly 350,000 barrels per day in January in a dispute with Khartoum over how much it should pay to export oil through Sudan to the Red Sea.In September, the two forged an interim pact after a protracted talks process on

Argentine provincial creditors agree to dollar bond restructure

by on November 9, 2012 11:49 pm BST
Fri Nov 9, 2012 6:49pm EST * Formosa province has dollar bonds issued under local law * Provinces cannot service this debt due to controls* Formosa creditors agree to accept payments in pesosBUENOS AIRES, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Argentina's northern Formosa province convinced creditors on Friday to accept payments in Argentine pesos on a

Bashir to visit South Sudan

by on October 29, 2012 1:41 am BST
Last month, Sudan and South Sudan agreed to end hostilities, restart southern oil exports through the north and revive cross-border trade, after both came close to war in April.The foreign minister gave no date but officials said the visit could be in early November.The African neighbours have

Argentina’s Formosa province seeks to change dollar bond terms

by on October 23, 2012 3:43 pm BST
Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:43am EDT * Formosa has dollar bonds issued under local law * Chaco had to repay similar dollar debt in pesos* Government currency controls aim to curb capital flightBUENOS AIRES, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Argentina's northern Formosa province on Tuesday summoned creditors to discuss how to "adapt the terms and