US rig count down 11

by on July 27, 2012 10:32 pm BST

Gas rigs continued their steady decline with a loss of 13 rigs, falling to a
new 13-year low of 505.

Oil rigs edged up slightly, adding two for a total of 1416 – a new 25-year

Horizontal rigs were also down by 13 for a total of 1151 – 71 better than a
year ago.

Oklahoma was the big loser this week, shedding nine rigs for a total of 193.

North Dakota also took a hit, losing five rigs and also ending the week with
a total of 193.

New Mexico lost three to total 83 and Alaska lost two and has only four rigs

Texas and Wyoming gained the most rigs this week with four apiece, bringing
their respective totals to 904 and 51.

California gained two for 56 and Louisiana gained one for 119.

Colorado, Arkansas, West Virginia and Pennsylvania all stayed flat on 65,
17, 24 and 78, respectively.