TransCanada gets Gulf Coast pipe nod

by on July 27, 2012 12:19 pm BST

The Canadian pipeline giant got the latest nod from the Fort
Worth, Texas branch of the US Army Corp of Engineers, meaning it can now press
ahead with the development.

TransCanada had previously been given the all-clear from the
Galveston and Tulsa branches to build the pipeline which will transport crude
oil from the centre of the country.

“The Gulf Coast Project is an approximate 780-kilometre,
36-inch crude oil pipeline beginning in Cushing, Oklahoma and extending
south to Nederland, Texas.

47-mile (76-kilometre) Houston Lateral Project is an additional project
under development to transport oil to refineries in the Houston area.

President and chief executive Russ Girling said: “TransCanada
is now poised to put approximately 4000 Americans to work constructing the $2.3
billion pipeline that will be built in three distinct ‘spreads’ or sections

“The Gulf Coast Project will contribute millions in
property taxes to counties in Oklahoma and Texas, money that can be used to
build roads, schools and hospitals.”

The company has, however, voluntarily agreed to 57
additional safety procedures in building its pipelines, including thickening
the steel where lines cross rivers.