Total joins Chevron and Schlumberger collaboration on development of INTERSECT next-generation reservoir simulator

by on July 26, 2012 12:00 am BST

Total joins Chevron and Schlumberger collaboration on development of INTERSECT next-generation reservoir simulator

LONDON — Schlumberger, Chevron Corp. and Total announced Total is joining the collaboration to further develop the INTERSECT next-generation reservoir simulator. Total will contribute engineering resources and expertise to expand the INTERSECT simulator effort.

The INTERSECT simulator is an industry first, combining Chevron’s reservoir simulation capabilities and reservoir management experience with the leading software development capability and commercial experience of Schlumberger. Using advanced mathematical techniques, the INTERSECT simulator goes beyond the capabilities of current-generation software to simulate large and complex reservoirs using high-resolution models. This allows operators to test a large number of scenarios to increase the effectiveness of development plans and design innovative production systems to maximize field recoverable reserves.

“We look forward to a productive partnership between the three parties and welcome the contribution of Total to continue to broaden INTERSECT’s capabilities,” said Ashok Belani, executive vice president, Technology, Schlumberger. “The jointly developed product will leverage the practical and global expertise of Chevron and Total in managing diverse and complex oil and gas reservoirs.”

“The INTERSECT simulator is being successfully deployed around the world by Chevron and other oil and gas companies,” said Paul Siegele, president, Chevron Energy Technology Company. “INTERSECT’s success reflects Chevron’s belief that technology and partnership can transform energy challenges into opportunities. Through our partnerships we create value, innovate and drive results.”

“By joining the INTERSECT collaboration, Total confirms its long-term commitment to advanced reservoir simulation technology,” said Olivier de Langavant, senior vice president, Strategy, Business Development and R&D, Total E&P. “Together with Chevron and Schlumberger, Total will bring its best experts to further develop and customize the INTERSECT simulator, making it the reference simulator for challenging assets.”

The development of the INTERSECT simulator began in 2000 as an extensive research and development effort between Chevron and Schlumberger, which was released commercially in 2009. Total contributed thermal simulation expertise to the development effort leading to the 2011 release of the thermal option in the INTERSECT software.