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Roxi Petroleum provide update on BNG and KNOC farm out

by Forex Rooton November 22, 2012 4:41 am BST
Roxi Petroleum provide update on BNG and KNOC farm outRoxi Petroleum ,with a focus on Kazakhstan, announces that it has been informed by KNOC that KNOC has decided not to complete the previously announced farm in to BNG.All material regulatory consents had been received to allow the BNG farm in

Otis cheers Avalanche flows

by on October 8, 2012 4:35 am BST
The Roy O Martin-21-1 well was flow tested over the past week and produced gas at a stabilised rate of about 560,000 cubic feet per day on a 4.3 millimetre choke.Otis said a pipeline route had been surveyed and the project operator, Ventex, was waiting on land owners to complete a

Gasfrac chief quits as company begins ‘review’

by on September 11, 2012 5:07 pm BST
Chief operating officer Steve Batchelor will also leave the company, effective immediately, Gasfrac said according to Reuters.The company, which developed a technology to fracture oil wells safely with LPG, said it will begin an operational review to ensure its current infrastructure is appropriate to support operational efficiency.Gasfrac said

Brent crude drops 1% on talk of emergency oil release

by on August 24, 2012 2:48 pm BST
Brent crude drops 1% on talk of emergency oil releaseBY DAVID BIRDNEW YORK -- North Sea Brent crude oil futures fell 1% late Friday amid renewed talk about the prospects for a release from strategic consumer stockpiles amid stubborn high prices.The Petroleum Economist, a monthly industry journal, on its website,