Norwest cheers Arrowsmith-2 flows

by on July 31, 2012 3:34 am BST

Well partner AWE said the first stage of the hydraulic fracture stimulation in the well was completed on Sunday, with flow back commencing the following day.

The target for the stimulation was the tight High Cliff sandstone formation between 3255 metres and 3295 metres.

Norwest reported that the well was currently flowing water and gas, with water rates declining during the day.

A visible flare was evident and strengthening throughout Monday, and was stronger again  early on Tuesday, it added.

Norwest said it was too early to measure accurate gas flow rates as the well was still cleaning up.

However, as the rate continues to improve to a sustained rate of flow Norwest will be able to guage more accurate measurements by using the well test equipment already on site.

The EP413 joint venture partners anticipated that the Arrowsmith-2 evaluation programme would take up to eight weeks.

Upon completion, Norwest said the results would enable it to establish the viability of the various target zones for future shale and tight gas production throughout the field.

Norwest is the operator of the Arrowsmith testing programme and holds an approximate 27.9% interest.

Its EP413 joint venture partners are AWE, which holds about 44.3% interest via subsidiaries, and Bharat PetroResources, which holds the remaining 27.8% stake in the project.