News from SPE ATCE 2012: Baker Hughes expands Talon platform of PDC bits

by on October 10, 2012 12:26 pm GMT

News from SPE ATCE 2012: Baker Hughes expands Talon platform of PDC bits

HOUSTON — The new Hughes Christensen Talon platform of PDC bits from Baker Hughes improves cuttings evacuation for greater bit cleaning, offers application specific bit profiles for superior directional control and utilizes Baker Hughes’ StaySharp premium PDC cutter technology — all helping to maximize rates of penetration, increasing performance and getting operators into the pay zone faster.

The platform, which includes the Talon high-efficiency bit, the Talon 3D vector-accurate bit and the AutoTrak Curve rotary steerable system bit, also provides operators with enhanced durability and an optimal performing bit for virtually any drilling environment.

The innovative Talon technology includes advanced mechanical and hydraulic designs, such as uniquely shaped and positioned blades and nozzles, application-specific bit profiles, low-torque gauge designs and diverging junk slots. These improved efficiency designs mean more energy for rock removal, less vibration, increased durability and improved large-volume cuttings removal — all factors that boost ROP and run life.

All Talon high-efficiency bits include Baker Hughes’ StaySharp premium PDC cutter technology. This reduces bit erosion, maximizing run life and improving penetration rates. The patented polished cutter minimizes friction and reduces heat buildup for improved wear resistance and cutter and bit balling.

For increased protection, every Talon 3D bit also includes the Baker Hughes StayTough hardfacing, which combines advanced materials with precision welding procedures to give the bits strength and durability. The use of this proprietary high-alloy steel also improves run life, helping operators redefine traditional interval well construction plans. Drilling curve and lateral sections is accomplished faster, more reliably and with fewer bits.

The Talon high-efficiency PDC bit is suitable for first-bit-under-the-surface applications, intermediate, vertical, directional and near-vertical drilling, as well as hard-to-drill and abrasive formations. The bits have improved gauge holding capabilities due to a new gauge pad configuration that utilizes tungsten carbide and thermally stable polycrystalline diamond materials for protection.

The bits’ short shank decreases make-up length for higher levels of directional control on conventional assemblies and increased bit side force on rotary steerable assemblies. This increases control and improves steering for peak performance in extended-reach laterals. When paired with the Baker Hughes AutoTrak Curve rotary steerable system, Talon bits offer exceptional speed and performance in getting through laterals and into the pay zone.

For unconventional gas applications, including shale plays, and conventional directional drilling, Talon 3D high-efficiency vector-accurate bits feature a one-piece steel body frame creating a short bit-to-bend dimension. They provide improved hydraulic efficiency, greater buildup aggressiveness, and longer life, often allowing curves and lateral sections to be drilled in a single run.

An operator in the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas recently chose Baker Hughes’ 8¾-in. Talon high-efficiency PDC drill bits for two wells. The Talon bits easily met the operator’s requirements after drilling two curve sections quickly, with superior stability and efficiency. Each Talon bit performed nearly twice as well as the average offset wells, with a 93% improvement over the average ROP.