Mixed view on Nexen bid for ratings agency

by on September 26, 2012 10:22 pm BST

Canadian law requires the federal government to decide if such foreign takeovers are of net benefit to the country, a question that has prompted robust debate within the Conservative government and caucus in the case of the CNOOC bid, Reuters reported.

The Toronto-based rating agency said the deal would have a mixed to slightly negative economic impact, but a positive political impact as it would dramatically improve relations with China, which could then boost trade, according to the news wire.

On the financial side, it said: “This transaction is not necessary, as Nexen remains a strong operator with good access to capital markets.”

DBRS also cited a poor track record of corporate acquisitions in Canada in general, and said approval of the CNOOC bid risked diluting domestic ownership in other leading energy firms.

However, it said the inflow of capital could act as a catalyst for speeding up oil sands development and other energy initiatives. The deal could also accelerate future access to Asian markets.