Maracc finally secures Island Innovator

by on September 27, 2012 2:58 pm BST

Maracc compatriot Odfjell Drilling is to operate the unit for Swedish player Lundin Petroleum to drill 12 wells off Norway starting next year.

Earlier this year, it had been rumoured that Maracc was considering relocating the much-delayed project to ensure its successful completion and out-fitting to international classification standards.

Cosco said the ultra-deepwater unit was the first of its kind to have been built in China.

The platform is designed to operate in water depths of up to 1500 metres to drill vertically to depths of up to 8000 metres.

The structure was initially completed at Cosco’s Zhoushan yard in February 2009 before fabrication was moved to its Qidong yard.

The rig was originally due for delivery in May 2010 and was to be ready for operation in November 2010.