Elliott Group announces strategic controls alliance with Tri-Sen systems

by on September 26, 2012 1:58 pm BST

Elliott Group announces strategic controls alliance with Tri-Sen systems

JEANNETTE, Pennsylvania — Elliott Group announced today that it has entered into an alliance with Tri-Sen Systems for turbomachinery controls. Tri-Sen control systems are now the standard for Elliott compressors and steam turbines, for both new projects and aftermarket applications.

“We are a turbomachinery manufacturer, but controls are an inextricable part of the scope of supply,” said John Rann, Elliott’s Vice President and Group Executive responsible for the Tri-Sen alliance, “Up until now, we did not have a controls standard. Each control system was customized to meet the customer’s specifications. We recognized that a strong, global controls partner would better enable us to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in terms of design efficiency and timely execution.”

Tri-Sen’s comprehensive turbomachinery controls line ranges from simple, self-powered configurable controls for small, non-critical utility turbines, to the fully programmable TSx control system which features configurable redundancy, advanced diagnostic capabilities, a built-in human machine interface, and real time and historical trending. “The alliance includes both new equipment and retrofits,” said Bill Barkovitz, President of Tri-Sen Systems. “We are working closely with Elliott to define standard configurations and project implementation standards.

Under the terms of the alliance, Tri-Sen control systems will be integral in the scope of supply for Elliott compressors and steam turbines, as well as machinery upgrades and retrofits provided by Elliott’s Global Service organization for the entire range of Elliott and non-Elliott turbomachinery control solutions. “Our objective was to provide our customers with a single source for rotating machinery excellence integrated with advanced turbomachinery controls,” said Rann. “Elliott’s alliance with Tri-Sen will enable us to deliver a fast, integrated, reliable and consistent control solution.”