Drillsearch spuds two Australian wells

by on July 30, 2012 5:55 am BST

The PEL 91 joint venture, comprising Beach Energy (as the operator with a 40% interest) and Drillsearch (with a 60% stake), is drilling Bauer-7 as an oil production well in the eastern portion of the Bauer oilfield, with a primary objective to develop the McKinlay and Namur pay zones.

Drillsearch stated that the well was also designed to test the extent of the field’s eastern boundary and would be drilled as a vertical well.

Bauer-7 is located half a kilometre to the east-southeast of Bauer-5, which made a new oil discovery in the Birkhead formation earlier this month.

The duo has planned to also drill Bauer-7 into the Birkhead formation to further appraise the pay zone that was encountered in the Bauer-5 well.

Meanwhile, Drillsearch and ATP 299 partner Santos have spudded the Olive Oyl-1 exploration well as part of a multi-well campaign in the Tarbat area of South West Queensland.

The well will be drilled as a conventional vertical well and will test a new play fairway targeting oil migration into the shallow faulted Wyandra sandstone prospect.

Olive Oyl-1 will also target oil pay zone potential within the deeper Murta Member.

Drillsearch stated that if the well was successful, it would be completed as an oil producer on a beam-pump artificial lift and connected to the existing Kooroopa North oil facility, from where crude is trucked to the central Tintaburra Block oil production facility before being piped to Moomba.

Santos operates the ATP 299 Tintaburra Block with an 89% interest, while Drillsearch holds the remaining 11% stake.