Danish Bourse to Become World’s First to Offer EURNXT & USDNXT

by on July 18, 2014 10:36 am BST

Danish’s virtual currency bourse setting Bitcoin dominance on a challenge after its announcement that it will become the world’s first party to offer its clients to swap USD and EUR against NXT.

This step is fourth-largest crypto-payment form which until now has only been traded via bitcoin.

Bitcoin, in which CCEDK also offers trading, has lost 45 percent of its value after surging to more than $1,100 last year. The software is now poised to decline further, according to a Bloomberg Global Poll of financial professionals. Bitcoins, which could be purchased for about $13 each at the beginning of last year, were valued at about $625 this week.

Since being introduced eight months ago, NXT has grown to a market capitalization of about $43 million compared with ripple’s $50 million, litecoin’s $266 million and bitcoin’s $8.1 billion, according to website coinmarketcap.com. There are 1 billion NXT in existence and, unlike bitcoin, no new ones can be created via mining.