Canadian energy board: Focus shifting from dry gas to NGLs

by on April 20, 2012 12:00 am GMT

Canadian energy board: Focus shifting from dry gas to NGLs

CALGARY – The high value of natural gas liquids (NGLs) products that can be recovered while producing natural gas, is encouraging companies to seek out deposits rich in these compounds as opposed to dry gas plays, says a recent energy market assessment from the National Energy Board (NEB). NGLs include such compounds as propane, butane and pentanes plus.

In the report, Short-term Canadian Natural Gas Deliverability 2012-2014, the NEB examines trends for natural gas deliverability in Canada (the ability to produce natural gas from new and existing wells).

This report includes lower, mid and high range price cases for natural gas based on varying market factors. The mid-range price case expects natural gas deliverability to decrease from 410,106 m3/d (14.5 Bcf/d) in 2012 to 373,106 m3/d (13.2 Bcf/d) in 2014.

The Board projects annual Canadian natural gas demand to grow by 17,106 m3/day (0.6 Bcf/d) between 2012 and 2014. Most of this increase in natural gas demand would be from increased usage for oil sands development in Alberta.