Beibu development nears completion

by on November 21, 2012 4:59 am GMT

As the development operator, CNOOC has started a base programme using its subsidiary COSL’s jack-up rig HYSY 931 to drill 10 development wells. It is planned to complete and tie-in the A6 well drilled through the WZ 6-12 wellhead platform during the previous exploration campaign.

The economics of the A7 well were also being evaluated, according to joint venture partner Roc Oil, which added that planning was underway for further development drilling from the wellhead platform to account for the discovery of additional pay zones in the WZ 6-12N-1 vertical exploration well.

Fellow Australian joint venture partner Horizon Oil said the construction and installation phase for the WZ 6-12 and WZ 12-8W oilfield development was now 89% complete.

Three jacket structures and the wellhead platform topsides, constructed in CNOOC’s Tanggu fabrication yard in northern China, were transported by barge to the Beibu Gulf waters and lifted into place by heavy lift vessels Nantianlong and Lanjiang.

Offshore commissioning of the WZ 12-8W platform has been completed and hook-up and commissioning of WZ 6-12 is scheduled for completion within the month, Horizon stated.

Production from the two fields has been planned as a three-phase flow via an insulated pipeline to the new processing utility and quarters B (PUQB) platform next to CNOOC’s WZ 12-1 production and pipeline hub. Oil, gas and water will be separated on the PUQB, with the oil exported to shore via CNOOC’s existing facilities and stored on Weizhou Island prior to transport to market. The gas will be used by the Weizhou terminal facilities.

The PUQB is the last major component of the project and will be a share platform with other CNOOC-owned and operated projects in the Beibu Gulf. Hook-up and commissioning is expected to begin on completion of the final module lift, with first Beibu field production anticipated early next year.

CNOOC operates the Beibu Gulf development project with a 51% interest, in joint venture with Roc (19.6%), Horizon (26.95%) and Oil Australia (Majuko Corp) (2.45%).